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Type of billboards

Rental of billboards


210x240 cm

The most common type of advertising medium, usually has a format of 510x240 cm (width x height). You can find them in all cities, towns and on most roads. You can mount a paper poster (short-term campaigns), foil or banner on it (long-term campaigns). They are rented monthly and can be purchased in last-minute mode.

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960x360 cm

An exclusive type of board that is impossible to miss, the most common format is 960x360 cm (width x height). They are usually located on very busy urban routes of large cities, on roads and highways. Most of them are illuminated, so you get advertising space visible in all lighting conditions for your investment. They are rented monthly and can be purchased in last-minute mode.

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Double bigboard

960x820 cm

This board is the largest standardized format you can rent. With a format of 960x820 cm (width x height), it is a dominant feature of all localities. You will find them in the most interesting places in big cities. They are all lit, so anyone who comes close to them will see them, whether it is noon or late at night. They are rented monthly and can be purchased in last-minute mode.

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City Light Vitrine

118x175 cm

CLV (City Light Vitrine) is an elegant board with a total format of 118.5 x 175 cm (height x width) and has a backlight, so it is visible in all light conditions. CLVs are most often located at public transport stops, train stations, parking lots of supermarkets and hypermarkets and in very busy places. This is an unmissable board suitable for all types of your communication, from the navigation arrow to the announcement of a large discount. They are usually rented monthly and it is possible to buy them from one piece in most cities.

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164x59 cm

You can mostly find it at public transport stops, parks or train stations. The format is 164x59 cm (width x height) and thanks to its location and format it can carry even larger messages. At the same time, it is a relatively inexpensive advertising medium with very precise targeting.

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Smart board

600x300 cm

Smart board is an elegant board with a format of 600x300 cm (width x height). It is a compromise between billboard and bigboard in both size and price. All are lit and located in high-traffic areas. They are rented monthly and can be purchased in last-minute mode.

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LED screen

Led screen is the youngest addition to the family of large-format media in the field of outdoor advertising. The formats and resolutions of the individual screens vary, but they are always placed in interesting, exposed areas. In addition, the dynamics of the image naturally attract the attention of the human eye, so your message is likely to reach everyone around the screen.

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A small format placed on public lighting poles or traction lines to the level of the adult customer’s eyes. The format is usually A1 portrait, but may vary from city to city. It is a carrier suitable for product offers in the vicinity of the point of sale or informing about a special event of your company.

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50x200 cm

Flag is a board placed on public lighting poles or traction lines, double-sided. It is available only in some cities. Common format is 50x200 cm. Suitable for navigation purposes or long-term image communication.

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Poster area

Poster area is one of the oldest ad formats. The format used is usually A1 portrait. It is seen mainly in smaller towns and villages. Posters are natural dissemination of information, because your customers often watch cultural and sports events near their place of residence.

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Indoor frames

70x100 cm

Advertising frames can be found in offices, hospitals, schools, fitness centers, doctor's waiting rooms and restaurants. The format is usually 70x100 cm (width x height) and they are distributed wherever passers-by have time for advertising. Therefore, if your target group is most often found in the above places, the frames are your clear choice.

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Public transportation

Public transportation offers an inexhaustible number of options to make your message visible, from paper leaflets placed directly on the windows, through a partial banner on the outside body, to full-sticker layout. Formats differ in the price of rent and production. We recommend choosing a specific format depending on the information you want to communicate to your customers and the length of the lease considered.

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Information boards

67x90 cm

These boards are almost always used for navigation purposes. The formats vary from city to city, but they are around 67x90 cm most commonly. They form the cornerstone of any navigation system, and thus help your customers navigate to your business.

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125x25 cm

Like the information boards, they are used primarily for navigation purposes. The formats vary from city to city, but most commonly range around 125x25 cm (width x height).

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300x125 cm

Advertising areas on bridges consist of panels 300x125 cm (width x height) and according to the possibilities of a specific bridge, it is possible to connect as many panels to the row as you wish. The bridge panels are unmissable and you will find them on many road and railway bridges in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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